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Register now for the CGMC Fall Conference!

A lot of things are going well for Greater Minnesota right now — unemployment is low and many communities are experiencing business and population growth. However, concerns remain. Cities are feeling the financial squeeze caused by years of stagnant LGA funding, projects are at a standstill due to the lack of a bonding bill, and the state still has no real plan to address the millions of dollars in transportation needs in Greater Minnesota. We plan to explore these and many other topics at the CGMC Fall Conference.

Here are a few of the agenda highlights:

– Washington Post reporter Chris Ingraham will provide the keynote address. Ingraham ignited a firestorm in Minnesota last year when he wrote an article that named Red Lake Falls “America’s Worst Place to Live” — and then he made the surprising decision to move there! He will share his observations and experiences as an “outsider” who moved to a small town in Greater Minnesota and also share ideas on how communities can be more welcoming to newcomers and draw in more residents and visitors.

– MnDOT Commissioner Charles Zelle has been invited to talk about the state’s transportation needs and provide insight on how the state can move forward on a long-term comprehensive funding plan.

– U of M Extension Educator Ryan Pesch will discuss research that shows many rural cities are actually experiencing a “brain gain” — an increase in adults ages 30-49 who move to Greater Minnesota to raise their families — and other positive trends for rural Minnesota that are occurring under the radar.

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