Labor & Employee Relations

The CGMC Labor & Employee Relations Committee (CGMC Labor Relations Committee) is currently the CGMC’s only non-lobbying committee.

Labor & Employee Relations Objectives

  1. To develop a coordinated effort to help greater Minnesota local units of government manage personnel issues and negotiate labor contracts; and
  2. To make available expert and coordinated advice and direct representation, at a significantly reduced rate, on employment, labor relations, and human resources issues facing greater Minnesota local units of government.

Policy Positions

  • Click here to view a PDF of the 2011 CGMC Labor & Employee Relations Policy Positions.

Labor & Employee Relations Services

  • Wages and Insurance Data: Updates on Minnesota labor contract settlements and interest arbitration awards on wages and employer and employee health insurance contributions.
  • Cluster Analysis: Computer generated statistical identification of comparable local units of government for purposes of labor contract negotiations and inertest arbitrations.  A cluster analysis is a more accurate and scientific process than typical side-by-side comparisons.
  • Arbitrator Analysis: Analysis and ranking of the seven arbitrators received from the Bureau of Mediation Services for selecting arbitrators in grievance and interest arbitrations. This service is available on a reduced fee-for-service basis. Click here to learn more about individual consultation services.
  • Legislative Services: Updates on labor relations and public employment law changes made in each legislative session.
  • Labor Seminar: A Labor and Employee Relations Seminar, based on topics selected by the Committee, conducted one time each in the northern and southern parts of the state.
  • Committee Meetings: Committee meetings at the CGMC fall and summer conferences, which include discussion of topics relevant to labor and personnel issues.
  • Strategy: Development of joint labor contract negotiation strategy and policy positions/guidelines to use as benchmarks in labor contract negotiations.
  • Coordination: Coordination and collaboration with the League of Minnesota Cities and other labor and management organizations and governmental agencies.
  • Publications: A quarterly CGMC Members-only newsletter on timely, relevant labor relations and public employment issues and a Labor Process Reference Manual.  Members who want past issues or a new copy of the manual should contact one of the CGMC staff listed below.
  • Individual Consultation Services. In addition to the Committee services described above, a variety of individual local unit of government consultation services are available to members on day-to-day labor relations and employment law issues. Additionally, we provide direct representation of local units of government in negotiations, grievance and interest arbitrations, administrative proceedings, and litigation.  Individual consultation services are available on a reduced fee-for-service basis.  Please click here for a handout describing the individual consultation services available to members through the Committee.

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